Microsoft visual studio 2010 ultimate master product key

I have used one license key và want khổng lồ switch my configuration khổng lồ use another key.

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I tried lớn launched the uninstall wizard from "Add/Remove sầu Programs" in the Windows Control Panel. When I reinstalled, the license still work.

How can I modify my Visual Studio 2010 installation to lớn use another key, & possibly without uninstalling and reinstalling?

Sorry for not clarifying it at the beginning. Actually, a valid key is not available lớn me for now. Is there a way lớn remove the original license completely & use VS as a trial version for days.

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Joshua H.
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Change the serial number after Visual Studio 2010 installation

Go to Control Panel -> Programs và Features, locate and highlight Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate/Premium/Professional installation, & cliông chồng on Uninstall/Change button.

Upgrade Visual Studio 2010 Product Key for Activation

A Visual Studio thiết lập maintenance screen should be shown. After clicking Next button, an option lớn enter a valid serial number lớn nâng cấp sản phẩm license is available.

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Enter the upgrade key accordingly, & cliông chồng on Activate button. No re-installation required.

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answered May 31 "12 at 15:15

Romil Kumar JainRomil Kumar Jain
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There is a way lớn edit the product key in a file called Setup.SDB. It should be located in

Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional - ENUSetup.SDB

Edit this file in a notepad and search for Product key. You can then update the hàng hóa key.

I actually repaired the installation after this change just khổng lồ make sure everything was working. This was tested on VS2008 và VS2010

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answered Jun 17 "15 at 14:47

Nate S.Nate S.
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