Download visual studio 2012


Visual Studio 2012 is the development environment designed by Microsoft for Windows 8. Download Visual Studio 2012 to lớn thiết kế your own programs for Windows 8


From the very first versions of Windows, Microsoft created an integrated development environment (IDE) so that programmers could complete their projects for these operating systems. We are talking about Visual Studio. With the imminent launch of Windows 8, they have decided lớn launch a new version: Visual Studio 2012.

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The best development environment for Windows 8.

Developed with Windows 8 in mind, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate includes many of the elements that will appear for the first time in Microsoft"s new operating system lượt thích .NET Framework 4.5 or the Metro interface.

Design whatever you want

Visual Studio 2012 includes all the tools necessary to be able to lớn create all kinds of projects for Microsoft operating systems, but furthermore, it"s also perfectly capable of creating websites or, even, programs for mobiles và tablets.

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Thanks lớn the elements that are part of Visual Studio 2012 any programmer will have sầu the possibility khổng lồ complete a full project without any need to lớn resort lớn other programs or external elements.

Some of the features of the new version of Microsoft Visual Studio are:

Detects cloned code.Automatically shows IntelliSense, it will no longer be necessary khổng lồ hotline forth the tool.Complete compatibility with Windows Azure.Unique IDE with total compatibility lớn create applications for Windows 8.Use of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript for websites.Full implementation of ASPhường.NET.

The graphical environment of Visual Studio 2012 has undergone a change, being very similar to lớn the Metro graphical interface and the general sản phẩm line that Microsoft had already marked after launching Microsoft Office 2013 Preview, even though it does maintain the code color identification which so many users demanded after they had originally left it out of the Beta version of the program (called Visual Studio 2011 Beta).